Sefton Coastline is home to a number of shipwrecks, as a pose to using the elements nature will provide me for creation I shall also use what has been left by man and time. Not only does this provide historical interest, it also provides visual appeal and fascination too.

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A wreck that I have walked out to on numerous occasions when the tide permits is the Chrysopolis which went aground in fog on February 21st 1918, her cargo was copper ore, attempts were made by tugs to re float her but to no avail, all 38 of her crew were rescued.

The Chrysopolis was over 260 feet long and is still visible to this day from the tide barrier left of Southport Pier, over time the wreck has reduced considerably and is located 2.5 miles out. 



STAR OF HOPE 2020-11-08 20.56.052020-11-08 20.56.05

This wreck appears and reappears as the sand banks shift constantly on Ainsdale Beach, the Star Of Hope was  was on a voyage from Wilmington, North Carolina to Liverpool and was carrying a cargo of cotton as she was caught in a force 10 gale and ran aground just south of Ainsdale on January 6th 1883, all 9 of her crew were rescued. 

During WW2 the remains of the wreck was used as target practice by the RAF, ammunition holes are still visible on this wreck after all these years.

Although it is possible to visit these remains, care must be taken and tide times and weather forcasts must be checked prior, always take food and water with you and inform someone where you are going when walking out, if unsure walkout with an experienced guide who is familiar with these parts of the coastline.

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