Sefton Coastline

In the North West I consider this to be a treasure, and not a hidden one either, although when you explore this place as much as I do you do come across secluded beauty spots, this is one of the locations I will visit time and again, for one it is on my doorstep.

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Sefton Coastline stretches for 22 miles and it offers something for everyone, for photographers and artists like myself this is a place of beauty and vast seascape and an endless opportunity for creation, in my opinion this is one of the stunning coastal gems of the North West.

The image at the top is Freshfield Beach, the name of the place 'Freshfield' did not actually exist until 1854 when Formby's second railway station was built, the name was then chosen as a local landowner Thomas Fresh owned the local farm and fields near.

Freshfield and Formby beachfronts undergo erosion and on occasions the tides reveal prehistoric foot prints (which I have yet to find).

The National Trust look after both Freshfield and Formby beaches, both beaches are way marked and 2020-11-05 21.05.212020-11-05 21.05.21 accessible from carpark's at both of the beaches.

The Ainsdale and Birkdale Sandhills Nature Reserve as seen in the image in the middle, is one of the largest areas of wild dune land left in Britain, the reserve was established in 1980 and now covers 988 hectares of open dunes and beaches, on a good day you can walk from Formby to Southport right the way along the coastline.

Ainsdale and Birkdale sandhill's and beaches are a spectacular location for photography, a particular favourite of mine are sand ripples and dune grass, some of which you can find in the featured galleries.

Ainsdale beach has also been awarded the blue flag award for high standards and it being well managed. Screenshot_2020-11-05-21-25-26Screenshot_2020-11-05-21-25-26

Ainsdale has been recognised as one of the premier beaches in the UK for kite surfing, zones have been set aside for such water sports to take place. 

As featured in the bottom image and just further North up the coastline is my hometown of Southport, I love my own beachfront, it has provided me with endless spectacular days photography from dawn until dusk and many golden hours and is a provider for me for endless hours of love and creation.

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